Loving Moms Through Free Postpartum Care Boxes

Providing free postpartum kits to new moms since 2020

Welcome! We are Moms Loving Moms, and we’re here to take care of you and your postpartum needs. We provide free postpartum kits to new and expecting moms to help aid in your postpartum recovery. Each kit is uniquely tailored to your specific type of delivery and is packed full of essentials you probably didn’t know you needed.

We want you to know that we value you and your recovery journey. With each kit valuing at around $120 it is a serious game changer in postpartum recovery. Our mission is to take the stress of one more thing you would have to worry about off your shoulders. You deserve to spend more time focusing on taking care of yourself and your sweet newborn.

How it works

Sign up for your Kit

Fill out the form on our sign-up page to register to recieve a kit.

Meet our team

Our support team will reach out to you close to your due date to confirm details of your box delivery.

Have your baby

We can’t help you with this, but we’ll be there to support you after. You’ve got this mama!

Recieve your box

Once your baby is born, we’ll deliver your postpartum box directly to you. 

Due to the size of our team, we are currently only able to deliver kits in Tennessee

How it all started

Two months into my recovery I felt strongly that God had given me my specific postpartum experience for a bigger purpose. I felt passionate about helping other moms to not feel the same way that I did when bringing home my new baby, and to feel as supported and prepared as possible. So the start of Moms Loving Moms began.

What moms are saying about our postpartum care boxes:

“I just got home and cried when I saw the postpartum totes. I cannot thank you enough. There were actually things in it I realized I needed to buy when I left the hospital. This will make this SO much easier.”


“Let me just say, this kit is a lifesaver! Wow. I had been on Pinterest with some ideas but I was so not emotionally or physically prepared for postpartum. What a sweet and needed ministry you have.”


“You really have no idea how great it is and how helpful. No one ever talks about how hard it is postpartum and I really don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t find out about your kits when I had my baby, no one had warned me about what I was about to go through.”


“I am blown away by this kit! This is absolutely amazing. Extremely helpful. I had a 20 hour labor and had some complications with bleeding after. These things will help me recover. What a blessing this was.”


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